• The Chronicles of Visual Arts

    The arts offer a medium to comprehend and exchange ideas. It is treated in a number of articles. Printmaking and photography are deemed 2-D arts although the images they portray may seem to be 3-D. A History of Visual Arts Refuted My work is chiefly dimensional. It is different in the way that I incorporate […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Art of Painting

    Many situations an artwork isn’t going to be signed in any respect. If you’re interested in selling the artwork, we’ll learn more about the acceptable market value. If you’re interested in insuring the artwork, we’ll learn more about the replacement value. After determining the sort of appraisal you’re interested in, the next thing to do […]


ArtTek Studios

The PULP WESTERN and ANGELS & OUTLAWS Series of acrylic paintings combines images of the old West with Hollywood cowboys, pin-ups and characters from pulp fiction novel covers of the 1940’s

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