The Building of a Painting

Each painting begins as a digital composition of images, arranged on a computer screen. Over many years, I’ve collected a large number of images that interest me.

Step 1: Choosing Images. The first step is to choose several images that fit the theme of the current series. This selection process begins to define a direction, as connective threads begin to develop.

Step 2: Playing with Images. This is the most creative and enjoyable part of the process as I move, resize and choreograph the images across an imaginary theatrical stage. I concentrate on composition and design at this point, integrating the images, creating a visual flow and establishing drama.

Step 3: The Color Phase. I experiment with the color structure of the image layers and paint areas with a digital brush.

Step4: Shadows. I create theatrical depth and a heightened realism by casting shadows from some elements onto different layers.

Step 5: Painting. This is the most difficult and time-consuming step as I change the finished digital composition into paint on canvas.